Primary wheel drives

  • Wide speed range

    The use of 4-speed Black Bruin motors in propel system gives a much wider speed range than what would be achieved with conventional LSHT –drives. A four wheel driven 4-speed Black Bruin equipped machine is capable up to 70 km/h transport speed.
  • Power and torque

    Black Bruin motors provide a high ripple free torque from close to zero speed. The motor design allows high efficiency from start to maximum speeds.
  • High load carrying capacity

    The rotating house design allows long distance between the two tapered roller bearings thus giving a very wide range for the maximum load capacity.
  • Compactness allows good clearance

    Any fully hydrostatic drive can bring the freedom of design to the table, but with Black Bruin, the freedom comes in the most compact package in the marketplace. The rotating case design of a Black Bruin motor allows easy installation into the driven wheel.


  • Sprayers
  • Forest machines
  • Construction cranes
Application videos