Winch drives

Improved starting torque

  • Constant high torque

    Black Bruin hydraulic motor and brake assembly is typically used as a direct winch drive in various marine, offshore and construction applications. The motor maintains its constant torque very accurately while standing still or rotating in either direction.
  • Mechanical freewheeling

    Due to its mechanical freewheeling, the Black Bruin motor is the only LSHT motor that can freewheel without any external power. This makes it a perfect fit to an anchor winch of a ship - an anchor can be lowered even in case of a sudden loss of power at the ship. On a piling machine, Black Bruin winches move piles and hammers, providing effortless hammering with mechanical freewheeling.


  • Mooring winch
  • Cargo hatch winch
  • Piling winch
  • Trawling winch
  • Ramp winch
Application videos