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It is Black Bruin’s vision to be the most desired partner to deliver the drive solution – and to cater for a wide variety of mobile and industrial applications. To be a viable alternative for our customers, machine designers and machine operators around the world, we must not only offer them economically, environmentally and socially viable motors and rotators, but also provide evidence that we act sustainably at our factory and offices. How are we doing that? Let me give you some examples here.

Several campaigns with a clear goal

You probably guessed it, as on most business premises, lights at our factory and offices have been changed to LED lights – lighter on electricity. Residual heat from product testing is used for heating. All scrap metal from manufacturing is recycled, and so is everything else suitable for recycling. New fluids for use in lathing and machining are continually tested. Transportation routes and freight for purchased materials are likewise investigated and optimized to minimize traffic emissions. And so is all outbound traffic, meaning the deliveries of Black Bruin products, which today extend over most of the globe, something to be really proud of.

Continuous development with everybody’s support

As a result of those logical and sustained campaigns, we are happy to report that 64% of manufacturing waste at Black Bruin factory is recycled and 11% goes into fuel production or incineration, meaning that a total of 75% of all waste is recycled. And on top of that, in 2020, heat consumption was lowered by 12% and water consumption by 5%.

But we are not going to stop there. To continue this development, in 2021, the air compressors we use have been upgraded with more intelligence to achieve more energy savings and heat recovery – for use in facilities heating. Also, from the beginning of 2021, Black Bruin switched to 100% hydroelectric power. And the list of activities goes on… all office waste is sorted. And on the personnel’s own initiative, timber from the loading pallets will go for recycling.

Air compressors were upgraded in spring 2021.

Final point in my list – last but by no means least: To minimize weight and transportation costs as well as the volume of waste produced, all casts and forgings in Black Bruin’s production are routinely ordered with optimized machining allowance. And this is made possible by a more streamlined planning process.

Located in Finland, we adhere scrupulously to all national and EU legislation regarding payment of salaries and other obligations to employees as well as the safety of both working conditions and the use of our products.

As you can see, we are committed to producing the sovereign hydraulic motors and rotators and all without compromising the wellbeing of future generations.

Of course, what a company of the size of Black Bruin can do to support global sustainable development is a mere drop in the ocean. Yet we firmly believe that our consistent and steadfast actions have a part to play. That’s why we make sure that every day all of us at the Black Bruin factory and offices in Jyväskylä, Finland, follow those certain routines.

Read more how Black Bruin products are used to promote sustainable development.

The author, Black Bruin’s Managing Director Seppo Koiranen, also enjoys the great outdoors immensely. For him, walking the talk is not just a phrase. It’s his way of life. You can reach Seppo at: +358 40 720 4669 or

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