”New Beginning” tells Black Bruin’s corporate history from the 1950’s to modern day. The video has been filmed mainly in Jyväskylä, the hometown of Black Bruin. The short film portrays the Black Bruin brand and corporate name in a variety of ways. The film’s appearance and color palette follow Black Bruin’s Visual Guide. You can get glances of the company’s iconic black bear (”Black Bruin”) throughout the film in many ways. The company’s reputable history is honored by reminding that today’s work is built from the work effort of previous generations and is a continuance of it. The Black Bruin brand is depicted from the human point of view, because behind every successful company are people who work towards a shared future.

At the beginning of the video, references are made to the original SISU motor’s development history and use in power transmission for trailers, when timber transport required more tractive power to cope in difficult conditions. Behind this was engineer Ilmari Louhio’s steadfast development work, that began during the post-war rebuilding era of the 1950’s. The plot twists comemorate SISU motor’s production, which has since been moved to many areas in Finland.

The historical and geographical tour culminates in the film with a celebration of the homecoming theme. In a changing world, a new kind of grasp of work is required. You always have to start somewhere. The current situation and previous markets need to be mapped and evaluated again. We want to tell is that in order to succeed, a company needs to acknowledge its core know-how and find its genuine identity. It is the only key to continuous success. This is also reflected in the film.

In the work of generations, Black Bruin has found its inner most self. The main character, the dad of the family, represents Black Bruin. He is a reflection of the lasting and dynamic bearlike force. In his hands are the keys to success, and the foundation for operations is stable. The film culminates with rolling up sleeves and getting down to work. The keys to success are passed on to the new generation. The core know-how remains entact, expertise is preserved, and experience dictates what to do.

The closing scene ends with the Black Bruin name. It’s the start of a new beginning, and the direction is up and forward.

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