BAUMA 2022

Munich, Germany 24 October 2022

What drives the construction, building materials and mining industries? That’s what the profile words of 33rd Bauma, the world’s leading trade fair in the business are asking.

We propose one answer: Black Bruin hydraulic motors.

Bauma 2022 will be all about “tomorrow, digitalization and sustainability”. As a 63-year-old innovation, Black Bruin hydraulic motors fit those themes perfectly. They have endured and prospered – and will take on the challenges of today and tomorrow with curiosity and openness, offering peak performance and sustained power – torque that lasts.

S-series hydraulic motors

The Black Bruin S-series direct drive transmits hydraulic energy efficiently without gears. S-series motor has robust piston design and no backlash, delivering a constant torque from low to high speeds. The construction is ideal for demanding applications with direction changes and shock loads. The torque transmitting components are also easily serviceable if needed to guarantee the maximal uptime of your application.

One of the many features of our latest S-series is the the 2-speed function: Rotation speed can be changed on-the-go without stopping the operation, ensuring the highest productivity possible. S-series also features several output shafts, including the useful through hole version. With internal diameter of 110 mm, the flow capacity is superior and a vast amount of material can be fed through motor.

Black Bruin hydraulic motor powers APE foundation drills

Hydraulic wheel drive system for trailers

The Black Bruin On-Demand Drive System is a complete transmission solution for tractor-driven trailers and working equipment. The system enables smooth operation of the equipment and is extremely well-suited for earth-moving applications, which often require tractive power to be able to haul heavy loads in varying conditions.

The heart of the system is the Black Bruin B200-series wheel motor which generates tractive power always when needed and which for road speeds can be freewheeled without active hydraulics. Black Bruin On-Demand Drive System is suitable for various tractor/trailer configurations. A simple and reliable system is an easy solution for an equipment manufacturer due to less time spent on system integration.

Tractor with hydraulic driven trailer makes earthmoving easy in the Alps

Compact radial piston motors with rotating case

For applications where compactness combined with high efficiency are crucial, the original Black Bruin motor design with rotating case may well be the optimal choice, offering process reliability and high uptime in these applications. The design offers the following advantages over the competition:

  • Fits neatly into the structure, e.g. into the drum – Easy installation and design freedom
  • Long distance between the main bearings – High load capacity with extended bearing life
  • Well-sealed structure – No harmful particles into the system

Not only you can fit the motors to places you thought were impossible, these strong performing hydraulic direct drives eliminate the need of a gearbox. With bi-directional multi-speed function these motors offer optimum torque in applications demanding constant direction changes and variable loading.

Whatever your construction, mining or material handling application, we have the power source for you and will be there to help you make the optimal choice. You are cordially welcome to visit us at stand 306 in Hall B4 (the Finland Pavillion), October 24-30, 2022 in Munich.

To prebook a consultation time with our Area Sales Director Mattias Klasmann, please contact him on: +49 173 587 2551 or at

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