For over 60 years Black Bruin radial piston hydraulic motors and rotators have powered various mobile and industrial applications worldwide. Important part of our business is to have a deep understanding of hydraulic system functionality, requirements of different type of applications and also market demands in various parts of the world.

At Black Bruin we want to know your application needs and together with you, design the best possible solution to enhance the performance, reliability and efficiency of your machinery.

Winch Drives

Black Bruin hydraulic motor and brake assembly is typically used as a direct winch drive in various marine, offshore, construction, forestry and on-rail applications. The motor maintains its constant torque very accurately while standing still or rotating in either direction.

Due to its mechanical freewheeling, the Black Bruin motor is the only LSHT (low-speed high-torque) motor that can freewheel without any external power. This makes it a perfect fit to an anchor winch of a ship - an anchor can be lowered even in case of a sudden loss of power at the ship.

On a piling machine, Black Bruin winches move piles and hammers, providing effortless hammering with mechanical freewheeling.

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On-Demand Wheel Drives

Black Bruin puts its high torque just where it is needed – under the load! More pulling power is generated when needed and motors can also be used as a main transmission. When the wheel motors’ tractive effort is not required the motors are on freewheeling mode. Drive at high speed without specific hydraulics and get significant savings on the control system and fuel consumption! Being well-sealed, Black Bruin motors operate trouble free even in harsh and dirty conditions.

Feed Roller Drives

The power source for feed rollers at the harvester head must be compact and lightweight. At the same time, it must be durable and able to carry the load in every situation. Black Bruin motor meet this criteria - and many others into the bargain.

Optimized radial piston-cam lobe structure provides constant and powerful output torque. In addition, the Black Bruin multi-speed technology enables effective feeding speed control. A combination of these features has integrated into a single hydraulic motor. Features that truly boost work efficiency!

Primary Wheel Drives

The use of 4-speed Black Bruin motors in propel system gives a much wider speed range than what would be achieved with conventional LSHT –drives. A four wheel driven 4-speed Black Bruin equipped machine is capable up to 70 km/h transport speed.

Black Bruin motors provide a high ripple free torque from close to zero speed. The motor design allows high efficiency from start to maximum speeds.

Drum Drives

Black Bruin offers a compact, free from backslash, mechanical construction. Not only can you fit the motor neatly into your structure, but you'll get a strongly performing motor, especially in applications demanding constant direction changes and variable loading.

The rotating case design of a Black Bruin motor allows easy installation into the drum. And as it comes with capable bearing arrangement, you will fit the motor to places you thought were impossible. This makes Black Bruin the drive of your choice!