About us

Black Bruin Inc. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of LSHT radial piston-cam lobe hydraulic motors and rotators for mobile and industrial applications. Our trade mark Black Bruin offers a high quality solution for agriculture, construction and mining, road building and forestry equipment applications.

As an international operator located in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, we employ nearly 100 fully trained professionals and have a distribution network which covers over 25 countries.

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Business concept


We help our Customers to enhance their Competitiveness by Developing, Manufacturing and Supplying value adding Black Bruin Hydraulic Motors and Rotators.


Black Bruin operates globally and is a desired, reliable and effective Partner.

Core values

Professionalism: We apply quality and safety in everything we do. Ownership. Responsibility. Leading by example.

Reliability: A Promise is a Promise. Integrity. Openness. Transparency.

Productivity: Continuous improvement. Lean. Effectiveness. Appropriate resource allocation.

Cooperation: Ability and Willingness to cooperate – both internally and externally.

Our history goes back to 1959

It all began with the Sisu radial piston hub motor, invented by the company Sisu Auto Oy. Designed as part of the wheel hub, this motor gave the timber trucks required extra pull force to survive the extreme road conditions.

The Black Bruin hydraulic motor is a newer version of the original Sisu motor, with exactly the same working principle by radial pistons pushed against the cam ring. Today’s Black Bruin motor saw the light of day in the early 1980’s and the development to meet the ever increasing industry demands continues.

Since the 50’s many strong companies in Finnish metal industry have contributed to the development of the Black Bruin motors: SISU, Partek, Valmet, Metso and Sampo Rosenlew.

Strongly committed to research & development

The aim of the R&D activities is to continuously strengthen and further improve our competitive edge as a solution provider for the global mobile and industrial equipment markets.

Our own R&D testing laboratory has several unique test benches for motors and rotators, with which applications are continuously simulated for various operating conditions. In addition, our knowledge of the customer requirements and application know-how in our chosen markets ensures reliable operations of the Black Bruin hydraulic motors and rotators to meet or exceed the customer expectations.

Setting the quality standard on all areas of work

Our customers will continue to increase their quality expectations and expect zero defects and the absolute reliability of Black Bruin products.

For over 50 years, our aim has been high quality in all areas. From design to manufacturing, we strive to meet our customers’ high demands and give then powerful, reliable and high quality products. Customer satisfaction and consistent quality of Black Bruin products are further ensured by our own R&D testing laboratory, in which we continuously work to develop even better solutions for all conditions and needs.

We listen to the customer and develop innovative hydrostatic solutions to fit their needs.

The quality management system is certified against the global ISO 9001 quality standard since 1993 and the ISO 14001 environmental management standard since 1999.