Would you like to seize the chance to help other people worldwide to be successful with their work? Farmers, loggers, process engineers, fishermen and many others. And also the people who design the machines for all these important tasks. Black Bruin is a designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of hydraulic motors and rotators with a strong 60-year-old history of innovation. By constantly developing our product portfolio and operations, we are committed to helping our customers excel with low-speed, high-torque power.

Designing and manufacturing the world’s leading hydraulic motors and rotators is really meaningful work

All our personnel contribute in so many ways that demanding jobs get done. In forests and on fields, in factories, plants and mills and onboard seagoing vessels – everywhere. Our customers include OEMs and end users of these splendid machines. For us, success in our own work means that we do things efficiently and responsibly, respecting the environment, people and the economy. Just like our customers do.

What you do has a strong global connection

Whether working at our factory and office premises in the city of Jyväskylä in Central Finland or in sales tasks around the world, all the Black Bruin people belong to a global community. We export to over 30 countries worldwide. Every task contributes to the reliability of our products and quality of our operations.

A powerful combination of different skills

A company both designing and manufacturing top quality high-tech products needs all kinds of experts. We also believe that diversity promotes innovation – the best outcome is created when different people from different backgrounds work together with dedication and perseverance. This has been an integral part of all our work at Black Bruin since the days of innovator Ilmari Louhio, over 60 years ago.

Black Bruin is committed to maintaining our positive working environment, with fair treatment and equal opportunities, where individual differences and the contributions of all our employees are recognized and appreciated. We salute both newcomers to hydraulics and those who can look back on a longer career there. And we treat everybody equally. This includes all decisions on recruitment and hiring as well as on salaries, working hours, training and promotions.

Career stories

Drive your career with Black Bruin’s support

People are our most valuable asset and we believe in investing in them. It is important for us to help you grow and achieve your full potential working at Black Bruin. You are provided with the right tools and full support for your development. We also promote internal mobility. Diverse career paths and job rotation are an important part of Black Bruin’s human resources policy. Many of our long-term employees have changed jobs inside the company several times. Black Bruin employees can also develop professionally through continuous on-the-job learning, as well as on all kinds of development programs.

Many different kinds of jobs

We welcome good people for various positions – in machining, assembly, product development, procurement, quality assurance, etc. There are also continuous openings for trainees, summer trainees as well as students working on theses. Many of them have stayed in our company after completing their studies, and that we promote by offering individual career paths and further opportunities for hands-on and on-the-job studying and personal growth. Remote working opportunities are also offered.

Investing in employee health

If sports are your thing, you and Black Bruin are a perfect match. At our Jyväskylä factory, we have our own gym, a tennis court and a very active club for many team sports. We organize all kinds of campaigns to promote employee health and wellbeing through sports. Black Bruin sponsors its employees’ activities with sports vouchers.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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