On-demand wheel drives

For trailers and pull behind equipment

How is it possible for a light vehicle to haul a heavy trailer without a loss of overall performance?

The answer is the Black Bruin On-Demand Wheel Drives. A lighter vehicle can act as a tractor if the trailer wheels also are driven.

A non-driven wheel resists movement. But Black Bruin puts its high torque just where it is most needed – under the cargo! More pulling power is generated when needed or motors can be used continuously as a primary transmission.

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  • More tractive effort - superior off-road performance
  • Easy to freewheel - tow at road speeds
  • Reduced ground damage - less ruts in the field
  • Less tractor power needed with improved efficiency
  • Low cost of maintenance with fewer components
  • Available with strong, certified brakes
On-Demand Wheel Drives

On-Demand Wheel Drives

FinnMETKO 2016

FinnMETKO 2016

Black Bruin News

New Beginning

”New Beginning” tells Black Bruin’s corporate history from the 1950’s to modern day.

New products

Black Bruin On-Demand Drive System and B200 Wheel Motors.

Product Support Engineer

We are launching new control and automation products for Black Bruin radial piston motors and looking to add to our team a Product Support Engineer.

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