X-series hydraulic motors

Are you in search of a reliable, high-performance hydraulic direct drive motor that seamlessly integrates into industrial setups where compactness is a crucial factor, requiring few or no modifications or conversion costs? The new X-series is matching market demand in various recycling, marine and offshore, construction, mining, material handling, and pulp and paper applications.

An easier decision for the machine designer at the crossroads

Machine designers habitually make choices to ensure the best outcome in terms of performance and long service life. Often those choices may be between two almost identical component alternatives. Solid experience and bold vision are what’s needed to take the right road. With its new X-series radial piston hydraulic motors, Black Bruin offers a brand-new alternative to choose from in the 2512 to 8800 cc class of industrial motors.

Black Bruin inside – Power on your side

The X-series, with its patent-pending design, is engineered to enhance the performance of both new and existing machinery, especially in terms of durability, serviceability, and cost-effectiveness.

Patent-pending design for enhanced performance

The new X-series features a patent-pending structure in which the wear-resistant piston design and large hydraulic fluid channels are utilized in a compact frame size. This leads to more efficient hydraulic motor due to improved hydraulic fluid distribution with less pressure and fluid speed reduction.


The piston design allows the motor to operate trouble-free in various hydraulic systems and with a wide range of oil viscosities and cleanliness levels, minimizing the risk of damage. Additionally, with replaceable wear parts, maintenance intervals can be extended, consequently reducing overall maintenance costs.

High load capacity

The motor features a bearing arrangement that fosters durability, ensuring smooth operation and an extended lifespan. The robust front bearing handles both axial and radial loads, allowing the motor to be utilized in various applications with different load characteristics.

Technical details



Displacement [ccm] 2512/3140/4020/5024/6280/7543/8800
Max. torque [Nm] 15200/19000/24300/32000/40000/48000/56000
Max. power [kW] 280
Max. rotating speed [rpm] 400
Max. pressure [bar] 300-450
Weight [kg] 315-325


Displacement control

1-speed 100% displacement

Shaft type

Internal splines DIN5480-N140

Mounting flange

PCD 520 17xD22
PCD 560 21xD22


Cross-port relief valve CPV500X

Torque arm kits

Torque arm L800
Torque arm L1000


Product manual


Language EN

3D models


Language EN


If your motor can make it here, it can make it anywhere

Some people and companies are always open to try something new to be able to break new ground. At Black Bruin we appreciate being able to work with many of them. Reclaiming land from the sea all over the globe, the Dutch company CeTeau is just such a company. They are also thoroughly familiar with the innovativeness of Bruin’s solutions: the original rotating case BB motors, the rotating shaft S-series and now the X-series.

We offer the alternative. You make the choice.

For more information and technical details about the X-series motors, our team is ready to assist you at sales@blackbruin.com.

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