Hydraulic motors

A Black Bruin goes on after any other solution gives up. You can depend on a Black Bruin motor in all conditions. Its serviceability is superior to any other solution available. With its unique design and perfect fit to your hydraulic drive system, you can be sure you have the best and can lead the field.

For mobile and industrial applications

Black Bruin hydraulic radial piston motors offer unique hydrostatic power transmission characteristics for a multitude of mobile and industrial applications. These motors provide a high torque even at low speeds.

B200-series hydraulic motor by Black Bruin.
Hydraulic wheel drives

B200-series hydraulic wheel drives

Black Bruin B200 On-Demand Wheel Motors are designed to generate tractive power on tractor-driven trailers and working equipment. Motors are extremely well-suited to agricultural, forestry and earth-moving applications.

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S-series hydraulic motor by Black Bruin.
Industrial hydraulic motors

S-series hydraulic motors

At 500 kW, the rotating shaft radial piston S-series is the most powerful Black Bruin motor line to date and ideal for shredders, augers and winches.

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BB-series hydraulic motor by Black Bruin.
Multipurpose hydraulic motors

BB-series hydraulic motors

Hydraulic motors with parking brake.

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C200-series hydraulic motor by Black Bruin.
For hydrostatic transmission on vehicles

C200-series hydraulic motors

Black Bruin C200-series hydraulic motors are designed to be used as hub motors on hydrostatic transmission on vehicles. They can also be used in other applications that need torque for rotary movement.

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On-Demand Drive System

A complete hydraulic wheel drive system for agricultural, forest and earth-moving trailers and working equipment which often require tractive power in harsh conditions and varying terrain.

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Helping you choose the right product

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