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Where work is being done, human will needs engineering genius. Black Bruin radial piston hydraulic motors and rotators are based on a Finnish invention and over 60 years of experience in the field of radial piston cam ring technology and working tirelessly in a wide variety of mobile and industrial power transmission applications. Black Bruin is your trusted partner in all conditions.

Get the job done.

A Black Bruin goes on after any other solution gives up. You can depend on a Black Bruin motor in all conditions. Its serviceability is superior to any other solution available. With its unique design and perfect fit to your hydraulic drive system, you can be sure you have the best and can lead the field.

Optimize your machine with a motor or rotator engineered for top performance and steady power. Make the torque that lasts a superior competitive factor of the vehicle or machine working in the highly demanding construction, marine or mining environment. Let the farmer and logger meet the bear, Motor sovereignus. As your equal partner, Black Bruin and its hydraulics experts are always happy to serve. Because we believe you would never leave anything half done.

Adding value in many industries

Important part of our business is to have a deep understanding of hydraulic system functionality, requirements of different type of applications and also market demands in various parts of the world. At Black Bruin we want to know your application needs and together with you, design the best possible solution to enhance the performance, reliability and efficiency of your machinery.




Mining & Material Handling


Marine & Offshore


We offer our customers value through low speed and high torque solutions.

It was innovator Ilmari Louhio’s original idea to develop a vehicle combination, which could go anywhere and pick up loads from the remotest of work sites. His brilliant idea was to build hydraulic motors into the trailer’s wheels and transfer the drive and rotating power right to where the load is, on the wheels. Due to fast evolving demand in various industrial applications, our range of hydraulic motors and rotators now uses other proven technologies, too. But one principle always remains the same: Help every customer get the job done, be it out there on the fields, in the forest, on the seven seas or in an industrial process. That will always remain our raison d’être.


Black Bruinthe most desired partner to deliver the drive solution.

There may be bigger players in the market to deliver hydraulic motors and rotators, but we firmly believe that our growth factor is positive proof of both designers’ and end users’ confidence in our solutions and deliveries. Every motor and rotator we deliver achieves top priority and we make sure that we meet every customer’s need for quality and timeliness. These are the winning strategies for future growth  – for us and for our customers around the world.


Professionalism: ownership, accountability, leading by example

Reliability: openness, transparency, credibility

Productivity: continuous improvement, effectiveness, on time delivery

Cooperation: teamwork – both internally and externally

Representing legendary strength and fighting prowess

The most common characteristics attributed to bears are lovability, predictability and protectiveness. And of course, tremendous speed and strength. In mythology and folklore there persists a bear cult in which the bear is seen as lord of the animals, a god, and even the ancestor of humans. This awesome creature was one of the first animals to be revered by our ancestors, and often referred to by some other name than “bear” – in the Finnish language alone, there are over 200 words referring to it.

The spirit of the bear is often referred to as friend, brother, uncle, or forest cousin. The bear is highly respected as the ‘keeper of dreams’, and ‘the keeper of medicine’, and is one of the most powerful totems. In literature, the bear has been used to symbolize modesty, simplicity, intuitiveness and practical wisdom. And the mother bear is often described as fiercely protective.

Just like a Black Bruin motor, a mighty ally, protecting your business.

Setting the quality standard on all areas of work

For Black Bruin quality is at the heart of all our action and operations. As a Black Bruin customer, you are entitled to expect zero defects in our products and absolute reliability in our operations – from design to manufacturing.

We are proud to be a certified supplier to several world market leaders in their fields – designers and builders of the world’s best forest machines, loading and transport solutions and many kinds of industrial machines. Whatever you want to turn, drive or move, you can always trust Black Bruin quality. Because we want you to be able to trust your Black Bruin motor and rotator in all circumstances and have peace of mind.

Management system certificates

Strongly committed to research & development

The aim of the R&D activities is to continuously strengthen and further improve our competitive edge as a solution provider for the global mobile and industrial equipment markets.

Our own R&D testing laboratory has several unique test benches for motors and rotators, with which applications are continuously simulated for various operating conditions. In addition, our knowledge of the customer requirements and application know-how in our chosen markets ensures reliable operations of the Black Bruin hydraulic motors and rotators to meet or exceed the customer expectations.

Our story goes back to 1959

Logging in Finland began to shift from horses and floating to timber trucks in the 1950s. The combination of heavy loads and poor roads led to the need for increased pulling power. Responding to this demand, Finnish engineer Ilmari Louhio (1919-2015) developed the hydraulic SISU radial piston motor, which was designed as part of the wheel hub.

Black Bruin’s modern hydraulic motors operate according to the same basic principle as the original design from 1959: Pressure pushes the pistons and cam rolls outwards against the cam ring on the housing. The waveform of the cam ring transforms the force into torque.

Since the 50’s many strong companies in Finnish metal industry have contributed to the development of the Black Bruin motors: SISU, Partek, Valmet, Metso and Sampo Rosenlew.

Sustainability is everybody’s business

On our path towards continuous economy, we need long-lasting, harmless, serviceable and repairable products. It is Black Bruin’s policy to accept full responsibility – for design, production, procurement – following the principles of minimal environmental burden and always taking care of our employees.

When you cooperate with Black Bruin, you can be confident that the materials we use in our products are carefully selected to follow all regulations and do not contain any harmful substances. We also expect our suppliers to follow the same rules. It is our permanent goal to improve material and resource efficiency. We also manage all our waste economically.

Whatever we do we try to make customers and nature a top priority at the same time. That’s why we’d rather talk about continuous than circular economy.


Working at Black Bruin

Whenever anybody wants to become a hydraulics expert we are thrilled and give our full support. Here’s a short description of what we can offer: Our work community is not the world’s biggest but thrives on the long heritage and unparalleled experience of our employees. We all take pride in delivering value to the truly global clientele we work with, the OEMs and end customers alike – machine designers and builders, loggers, farmers, site personnel. We offer highly competitive technologies and solutions.

If you want to work at the front line of hydraulics development shaping the field as you pursue your career, we are a serious option. Joining the Black Bruin team might be closer than you think. We also organize tours at our Jyväskylä factory for those interested in hydraulics and low speed high torque technology.




Season’s Greetings 2023

Season’s Greetings and warm wishes to all our people, customers, distributors and partners around the world. We would like to thank you for your firm dedication and collaboration throughout 2023.

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Season’s Greetings 2022

Season’s Greetings and warm wishes to all of our people, customers, distributors and partners around the world. We would like to thank you for your firm dedication and collaboration throughout 2022.

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Summer jobs 2023

Summer jobs for 2023 are now open for applications. At our factory in Jyskä, you can work in a variety of different tasks and we also offer internships: Read more and apply at: https://blackbruin.solaforce.com/app/external/jobs/21

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