Black Bruin motors and rotators: A big handprint and a small footprint

Black Bruin’s sustainability agenda includes focal areas for our handprint and footprint, both equally important in the big picture of global wellbeing.

Our handprint is the positive impact we make on people and the environment with our motors and rotators. It is sustainability in action to help our customers, the machine designers and manufacturers as well as their customers, the machine users, to improve their environmental efficiency, productivity and reduce risks. 

Our footprint is the impact of our own operations on the environment. We are committed to keeping our footprint to an absolute minimum. Of course, Black Bruin is only a small player in a much bigger game, but we want to do our bit and manage it properly.

Black Bruin design draws power from respect

Black Bruin hydraulic motors are a 65-year-old innovation. So you can justifiably say that they have maintained and endured – which is what sustainability is all about. And they have also supported many businesses, machine builders and machine operators alike. Black Bruin motors and rotators are designed and built to last – and get the job done. For our customers and their customers, the loggers, farmers, fishermen and other machine operators this means total respect for all forms of nature and working and earning a living in harmony with sustainable development.

Some examples of what Black Bruin motors and rotators offer

We are constantly dedicated to helping our customers achieve energy efficiency, circularity, safety and productivity. At the end of their lifecycle, Black Bruin motors and rotators are 95% recyclable.

Energy savings

In auxiliary drives, in trailers, the hub motor uses the tractor’s hydraulics and needs no separate pump. The smaller machine has a smaller engine, which consumes less fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. There is no need for a big tractor. It’s definitely energy efficient and ready for a long service life in the field.

Long service life

Black Bruin rotators for harvester heads are extra durable and need very little servicing throughout their lifetime. The secret is in their optimized rotation speed feature: the operator need not take all out of the rotator all the time. That ensures a long service life in the forest.

Sustainable for new applications

The key design features of Black Bruin motors promote sustainable development in an ever-growing number of applications – more and more of them industrial. Radial piston technology – direct drive – is much more compact than a gearbox. This requires less steel. The design operates at much lower noise levels, too – especially important in urban areas – where applications with shredders, augers and drills powered by Black Bruin motors are so much used. As one of our customers said: ”If I hadn’t seen the drill rotating, I wouldn’t have believed it was operating.”

Minimizing our footprint

In the Black Bruin production plant and offices, we do all we can to promote sustainable development. Here are some examples of our efforts and achievements:

  • Residual heat from product testing is used to heat the premises
  • Lights at the factory have been changed to LED lights to save energy
  • All scrap metal from manufacturing is recycled, like everything else suitable
  • New fluids for use in lathing and machining are continually tested
  • Timber material in the loading pallets goes for recycling
  • All waste at the office is sorted
  • Black Bruin uses 100% renewable, CO2 free electric power

As a result, 64% of manufacturing waste at Black Bruin factory is recycled and 11% goes for fuel production or incineration, meaning that a total of 75% of all waste is recycled. In 2020, heat consumption was reduced by 12% and water consumption by 5%.

To minimize weight and transportation costs as well as waste produced, all casts and forgings are ordered with optimized machining allowance – made possible by a more efficient planning process. And in transportation: Transportation routes and freight for purchased materials are investigated and optimized to minimize traffic emissions. Likewise all outbound traffic, including all deliveries of Black Bruin motors and rotators, which today cover most of the globe.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct specifies the kinds of activities we encourage and the types of behaviour our work community does not condone. The Code of Conduct heavily relies on Black Bruin’s mission “to offer our customers value through low speed and high torque solutions” and our vision “to be the most desired partner to deliver the drive solution” as well as our values of professionalism, reliability, productivity, and cooperation.

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