New mounting options for Black Bruin S-series hydraulic direct drives


The Black Bruin S-series has become famous for its characteristics of robust piston design and the capability to handle extreme axial and radial loads. The S3010 is the brand new model featuring upgraded shaft interfaces with increased torque and load carrying capabilities for a wide range of industrial applications.

“Thanks to the S3010’s connectivity features, we can better meet market demand in applications requiring larger displacement motors,” says Pietu Lehtikuusi, Product Manager of industrial drive systems. As an example of these applications Lehtikuusi mentions shredders, feeders and winches and tells that the accessories of the S-series have also been updated and now offer more versatile torque arm mounting options.

Key features of S3010 motor

  • New shaft interfaces with nominal diameter of 200 mm for more versatile integration
    • DIN 5480 female splines
    • Shaft for shrink disc coupling
  • Displacements from 13200 ccm to 22500 ccm
  • Maximum torque up to 161 kNm
  • Maximum power up to 500 kW
  • 1- or 2-speed function

Accessories suitable for all S-series frame sizes

  • Torque arm kits with lengths of 800 and 1000 mm
  • Shrink discs with maximum transmittable torque of 88400, 131000 and 266000 Nm
  • Cross-port relief valve with rated flow of 500 l/min and maximum pressure of 420 bar
  • Speed sensor with direction detection and pulse rate of 100 ppr

Download S-series product manual for more detailed information

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