Pasi Poranen appointed Managing Director of Black Bruin


Pasi Poranen M.Sc. (Eng.), 49 has been appointed Managing Director of Black Bruin Inc. Pasi is currently working as CEO of Junttan Oy.

Current Managing Director Seppo Koiranen will continue with Black Bruin as COO, focusing in the future on leading the company’s product development, manufacturing and procurement operations.

“In 2021, Black Bruin’s turnover increased by 25% and our healthy order backlog convinces us that growth will continue strong this year, too. In addition to the favourable market situation, this growth is based on our renewing our product offering and the investments made in the development of our sales network. The company’s longer-term growth prospects also look interesting and the company’s board of directors has considered it necessary to further strengthen the company’s management to make the very most of the growth potential. Pasi’s experience as a growth-oriented CEO and his know-how as a developer of international sales are just the criteria defined in Black Bruin’s strategy,” declares Jali Prihti, Board Chairman of Black Bruin Inc.

”I am also very happy that Seppo, who during the last three years has been so successful in stabilizing the company’s situation and guided it onto a path of strong and profitable growth, will continue as company COO. Further improving our company’s delivering capabilities and launching new products onto the market demands full-time commitment to these vital tasks as well as a thorough knowledge of the company and its products,” Prihti continues.

”Black Bruin finds itself at an interesting development stage with a strong growth strategy and owners and board both firmly committed to growth. The company’s product portfolio is strong and getting even stronger with new products under development. I believe that with my own experience and know-how I can support the company’s profitable growth especially within the development of global sales operations and network as well as in opening new key customer relationships,” says Pasi Poranen.

”The last three years have been a fascinating and also a hectic time. We have managed to stabilize our business and created a growth path far into the future. When moving to the next level, we face numerous development challenges in sales operations, our own production and our partner network. With this solution we can concentrate on the focal areas in the best possible way, not forgetting product development with its interesting projects and the new opportunities related to our products and services,” Seppo continues.

Jali Prihti, Chairman of the Board
Black Bruin Inc.

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