Agritechnica 2019

Hannover, Germany 10 November 2019

Black Bruin launches new ISOBUS-coupled drive system for trailers

At Agritechnica, Black Bruin expands its On-Demand Drive System concept and introduces its new ISOBUS-coupled CTR201 control system for trailers and implements. The new system utilizes the tractor’s ISOBUS, simplifying the operator’s work significantly and offering unbeatable practicality.

The CTR201 control system is coupled to the tractor’s ISOBUS, which provides the system with all the data needed to control the trailer’s wheel motors, such as the tractor’s direction and speed. The display unit makes it easy to select the desired drive power, after which the trailer automatically pulls in the same direction and at the same speed as the tractor. If required, the operator can also disengage the automatic system and control the trailer’s drive manually. When accelerating up to on-road speeds, the operator does not have to disengage drive, as the system automatically does so at high speeds.

Black Bruin also offers a manual CTR101 control system for tractors without ISOBUS. The display unit has the same updated and user-friendly interface as on the CTR201.

Wide range of wheel motors for agricultural applications

Black Bruin is also presenting at Agritechnica its B200 Wheel Motors and multipurpose BBC Series. Black Bruin’s motor series are available with a comprehensive selection of service, parking and emergency brakes, responding with the latest EU brake regulations for agricultural trailers and implements.

The 4-speed technology of Black Bruin motors is ideal for applications that require high speeds. The operating speed can be extended to up to 70 km/h, and the speed range can be changed on the fly without stopping the motor. Black Bruin’s mobile motors transmit up to 260 kW of power and 45,000 Nm of torque. The displacement ranges from 400 to 12,600 ccm.

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