Black Bruin strongly involved in the development of Ponsse’s HH360 rotator


Forest machine manufacturer Ponsse is launching the new HH360 rotator which lets the harvester head freely rotate 360° degrees without limitations. The product has been developed in close cooperation with Black Bruin and Ponsse has exclusive rights to the product in forest machine use. The innovation will be on show for the first time at the Expocorma trade fair in Chile on November 23-25, 2022.

According to Janne Loponen, Ponsse’s Product Manager for harvester heads, the 360° degree rotating harvester head speeds up wood processing, makes the operator’s job easier and reduces hose failures. “Compared to competing products, the rotator used in this innovative solution is strong, powerful and above all, energy efficient,” says Loponen. “The project with Black Bruin has progressed smoothly all the way and the cooperation has been highly productive.”

Black Bruin’s R&D Manager Tero Ylä-Mononen is also highly satisfied with the outcome of the cooperation and elaborates on the advantages that can be achieved with the HH360 rotator: “The HH360 is a combination of the well-known and durable radial piston technology of Black Bruin’s harvester rotators and Ponsse’s innovation. Thanks to the structure, the torque-transmitting components are wear-proof and the rotator maintains a firm grip throughout the machine’s service life. The rotator is extremely accurate in use and responds precisely and consistently to the user’s actions. That’s what makes controllability of the harvester head natural and superior in all situations.”

Due to the radial piston rotator’s very high efficiency, just 20 l/min of oil flow suffices to operate – yet another factor contributing to the forest machine’s total economy. The rotator’s operating costs are low and it is easy to service if needed. This means that service life can be extended far into the future. “We are also pleased to make our own contribution to support the key properties offered by Ponsse’s harvester head solutions, that is, productivity and reliability,” continues Ylä-Mononen.

The powerful and exceptionally energy-efficient HH360 rotator is available for multiple Ponsse harvester heads when mounted as a loose head installation. The innovation will be on show for the first time starting on 23 November 2022 at Expocorma in Chile. At the show, you can also meet Rauno Riihiaho, Product Manager of Black Bruin rotators.


BLACK BRUIN: Rauno Riihiaho, Product Manager, rotators,, +358 40 839 7034

PONSSE: Janne Loponen, Product Manager, harvester heads,, +358 40 502 8018

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