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Sampo Hydraulics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of radial piston hydraulic motors and rotators for mobile and industrial applications.

On demand wheel drives

Extra pulling power and mobility when needed

How is it possible for a light vehicle to haul a heavy trailer without a loss of vehicle combination's performance?

The answer is the Black Bruin wheel drive motors. A light vehicle can act as a tractor if the trailer wheels also are driven.

Black Bruin puts its high torque just where it is needed – under the cargo! An extra pulling power is generated when needed and motors can also be used as a main transmission.

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  • Superior off-road performance
  • Unique freewheeling - drive at road speeds
  • Compact design - fits perfectly into wheel
  • Fewer components - lower demand of maintenance
  • Strong, certified brakes (TÜV/UTAC/Cemagref)
  • Fuel-efficient operation

Harvester rotators

Superior piston technology

A good rotator is one that is easy to use, rugged, and above all, dependaple in extreme conditions. Black Bruin rotators meet all of this critetia – and many others into the bargain. Their superior technical performance has gained the unreserved regard of professionals all over the world.

The key to the popularity of rotators is Black Bruin piston technology. Due to durable piston design, the Black Bruin rotator is very accurate in its operation. The radial piston-cam curve design is precisely balanced, providing a constant ripple-free output torque. High torque is achieved with small oil flow and it remains constant throughout the turning range.

Accurate Black Bruin rotator maintains torque characteristics throughout its long service life. This means productive and efficient contracting!

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  • Wear-free piston design
  • Constant high torque throughout the turning range
  • Precise control
  • Durable construction
  • Long service life with torque that lasts

Black Bruin S Series

Cam-lobe radial-piston design for low-speed, high-torque power

Sampo Hydraulics Ltd. has developed a new rotating shaft series of motors to accompany the traditional rotating house Black Bruins.

At 500 kW, the robust S Series is the most powerful Black Bruin to date.

The S Series motor offers a perfect solution for drills, providing both torque to turn the auger, as well as the bearings to take the auger loads.

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  • Heavy Duty design for continuous high power
  • Tapered roller bearings to take axial and radial loads
  • Wide speed range, up to 180 rpm
  • Multi-speed function with shift on the fly
  • Expandable cylinder block design
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