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It was a pleasure to meet you at Agritechnica 2017. On behalf of the entire Black Bruin team, thank you for stopping by! It was great to share the ever-growing interest towards Black Bruin products for tractor-driven trailers and working equipment.

In Agritechnica, our company was exhibiting as Black Bruin Inc. for the first time since the name change in November 2016. To celebrate this new era in our company, we made a short movie: “New Beginning”. The movie, which tells Black Bruin’s corporate history from the 1950’s to modern day, was premiered as a part of Black Bruin product launch event.

Get the job done when it needs to be done

We introduced Black Bruin On-Demand Drive System and B200 Wheel Motors. With the new system approach, we can offer our customers a complete transmission solution for tractor-driven trailers and working equipment. If you missed the chance to visit our stand, download exhibition materials by following this link.

Partnership news

Black Bruin was well presented at the show, as motors were found all over the exhibition grounds in various applications. One of the show highlights was the world premiere of BPW Agro Drive. This hydraulic driven axle, powered by Black Bruin motors, aroused great interest among visitors on both stands. Annaburger demonstrates the benefits of AGRO Drive with this outstanding video.

If you are interested in learning more about how Black Bruin’s products can provide a benefit for you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team. For new updates and further information, follow us on social media too.


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Es hat uns sehr gefreut, Sie auf der Agritechnica 2017 begrüßen zu dürfen. Im Namen des ganzen Black Bruin Teams einen herzlichen Dank für Ihren Besuch! Wir freuen uns darüber, ein gemeinsames immer wachsendes Interesse an Black Bruin Produkten haben zu können. Auf der Agritechnica waren wir nach der Namenveränderung im November 2016 zum ersten […]

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Neuer Integrator für Black Bruin in Deutschland

Th. Niehues GmbH ist zum Händler und Systemintegrator für Black Bruin Produkte in Deutschland ernannt worden. Durch diese Kooperation will Black Bruin den Vertrieb und das Wartungsangebot, vor allem für das On-Demand Drive System, auf einem der wichtisten Märkte steigern. “Wir sind sehr zufrieden, dass wir so ein erfahrener Hydraulik-Spezialist als unserer Partner bekommen können, […]

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New Black Bruin integrator for Germany

Th. Niehues GmbH has been appointed as a Black Bruin distributor and system integrator in Germany. With this new cooperation, Black Bruin aims to strengthen sales and service offering, especially for the On-Demand Drive System, in one of its most important market areas. ”We are very pleased to have such an experienced hydraulic specialist as […]

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