Hydraulic rotators

The Black Bruin radial piston rotator is the professional’s choice for productive harvesting and load handling. The torque excels in even the most demanding situations and the rotator maintains a firm grip throughout the machine’s service life.

Harvester rotator by Black Bruin.

Harvester rotators

Black Bruin rotator design is based on the radial piston hydraulic motor, thus giving the same highly efficient power seen in the motors. With Black Bruin you’ll get long service life with torque that lasts!

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Grapple rotator by Black Bruin.

Grapple rotators

Black Bruin grapple rotator is the top choice for fast and productive loading, when precision and strength are required.

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Swing damper by Black Bruin.

Links and swing dampers

Black Bruin links can be equipped up to four multi-disc brakes for efficient swing damping.

Helping you choose the right product

From product selection to installation support, our factory technical team is ready to help.



A strong heritage of quality

When Supply Chain Manager Raimo Piippa started at Black Bruin at the beginning of December 1996, the company was called Valmet Hydraulics. After a highly distinguished career of 23 years serving the same company, Raimo will retire at the end of October. The biggest change in Raimo Piippa´s mind in the last 20+ years is […]

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