An important part of our business is to have a deep understanding of hydraulic system functionality, the requirements of different type of applications and also market demands in various parts of the world. See for yourself what our customers have to say about us.


SID chooses the Black Bruin S-series: powerful and reliable direct drives for shredding applications

Black Bruin helped SID to simplify the machine design by replacing a small motor and a planetary drive. The motor chosen was customized in order to meet SID technical standards and special requirements. “So far, no news is good news, about the Black Bruin motors in service at our customers,” says Léon Vassé, Innovation and […]

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Trailers and motors for a specific purpose: BMF and Black Bruin cooperate and please demanding farmers and forest professionals

BMF is the highly successful forest trailer brand of Estonian company OÜ Lisako, which annually produces approximately 1 000 trailers with cranes for forestry use. What is unique about these BMF trailers is that the supporting legs form part of the trailer, making it stronger and safer. The company aims to increase the share of […]

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JPJ Forest’s customers can benefit from a wet year and Black Bruin accuracy

When it’s raining the forest industry is blooming. Maybe an oversimplification but very much true of the loggers and other entrepreneurs actively working in the fast growing Czech forests. The enthusiastic experts of JPJ Forest are determined to let their customers enjoy the Black Bruin advantage. Jiri, Pavel and Jan were schoolmates from age 9. […]

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Black Bruin hydraulic rotators – Long service life with torque that lasts

“With Black Bruin’s radial piston motor design, rotator remains powerful throughout its service life, generally 8000 to 13,000 hours, whereas rotators powered by vane motors tend to get looser over time,” says Aki Laaja, Managing Director of Metsä-Multia. A Ponsse Ergo harvester fitted with a Black Bruin RH3016 rotator is clearing spruce forest near Jyväskylä […]

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