An important part of our business is to have a deep understanding of hydraulic system functionality, the requirements of different type of applications and also market demands in various parts of the world. See for yourself what our customers have to say about us.


SID chooses the Black Bruin S-series: powerful and reliable direct drives for shredding applications

Black Bruin helped SID to simplify the machine design by replacing a small motor and a planetary drive. The motor chosen was customized in order to meet SID technical standards and special requirements. “So far, no news is good news, about the Black Bruin motors in service at our customers,” says Léon Vassé, Innovation and […]

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No hill too high for Göweil’s baling customers

Baling and wrapping technology specialist Göweil has its design, development and production facilities in Kirchschlag, 20 km north of Linz in Upper Austria. This is one of the reasons why they are specialists in agricultural machines for mountainous terrain. Göweil’s customers work on steep and rugged terrain and sometimes need help to get those machines […]

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Offering a better grip for special agricultural applications: Paul Forrer with Black Bruin

In Switzerland, the agriculture sector has been a little slow for many years. If something good can be said about COVID-19, it is probably about the change it seems to cause in that industry. The reason is simply that people have started to value locally grown produce. “People are more aware of where food comes […]

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GØMA for slurry, BPW and Black Bruin for wheel drive systems – a true competitive advantage for Hans Hvenemose

For Hans Hvenemose, a slurry contractor from Fyn, Denmark, the benefit of the BPW AGRO Drive axle with Black Bruin hydraulic motors is that he has more power, so he can drive where others cannot and do better quality work in all conditions. Hans Hvenemose works as a slurry contractor in Fyn, the island between […]

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French contractor keeps moving with hydraulic driven Gyrax agricultural trailers

SARL Berger uses Claas tractors and a hydraulic driven Gyrax trailer for tasks such as silage harvesting. Conditions can often be wet, making it easy to get stuck in the mud without hydraulic drive. French tractor contractor Cyril Berger has discovered the benefits of the hydraulic driven Gyrax BMXXXL 240 trailer in his agricultural contracting […]

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BPW AGRO Drive hydraulic drive axles take off with Black Bruin

German axle manufacturer BPW contacted Finnish motor manufacturer Black Bruin during the agricultural technology trade fair Agritechnica 2015. The goal was set very soon: to launch hydraulically driven BPW axles during the next Agritechnica, which was scheduled for 2017. Driven axles are rapidly growing in popularity in tractor-driven trailers, especially in Europe. German axle manufacturer […]

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