An important part of our business is to have a deep understanding of hydraulic system functionality, the requirements of different type of applications and also market demands in various parts of the world. See for yourself what our customers have to say about us.


SID chooses the Black Bruin S-series: powerful and reliable direct drives for shredding applications

Black Bruin helped SID to simplify the machine design by replacing a small motor and a planetary drive. The motor chosen was customized in order to meet SID technical standards and special requirements. “So far, no news is good news, about the Black Bruin motors in service at our customers,” says Léon Vassé, Innovation and […]

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The Czech system integrator BIBUS relies on powerful Black Bruin motors for continuous success in mobile applications

Co-operation between BIBUS Hydraulik in the Czech Republic and Black Bruin has been ongoing for over 5 years. Many times when a customer has turned to BIBUS for the hydraulic motor to empower a mobile application, and after a thorough analysis of the customer´s needs, the solution has been the total hydraulic system – including […]

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Fish biting and bear motors selling well in Norway

The distributor for Black Bruin in Norway, Hydraulikkteknikk was founded in 2003, nowadays employs 18 people and has its business premises near Oslo. The company has been distributing Black Bruin motors since the start of 2003, when part owner Morten introduced the motors to the company, he himself having worked with Black Bruin motors since […]

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HOF in Thailand: Your partner for a better tomorrow

With 800 employees and a 6500 sqm manufacturing facility, the Black Bruin dealer in Thailand since the beginning of 2020, HOF Hydraulic Solutions, is a major manufacturer of various types of hydraulic equipment and is based in Bangkok. HOF’s main product ranges are vane pumps and motors, directional control valves, filters, CETOP valves and various […]

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Offering a better grip for special agricultural applications: Paul Forrer with Black Bruin

In Switzerland, the agriculture sector has been a little slow for many years. If something good can be said about COVID-19, it is probably about the change it seems to cause in that industry. The reason is simply that people have started to value locally grown produce. “People are more aware of where food comes […]

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Axiom and Black Bruin in South Africa: Fighting back with a strong culture

Axiom Hydraulics and Black Bruin have been working together since the late 1990’s, serving southern Africa’s fluid power, mining, industrial, agriculture and marine industries. “When you walk into an Axiom office, you have at your disposal the same capable and motivated design team, regardless of how big or small your business may be,” Engineer Eugene […]

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The Art(o) of knowing it inside out: HydroSystem is Black Bruin’s long-trusted partner in Finland

In gratitude for your hard work and commitment from 2000 to 2021. HydroSystem’s Arto Haataja deservedly receives Black Bruin’s Golden Distributor Award. Black Bruin products and Finnish HydroSystem’s (HydSupply’s) Senior Advisor, Arto Haataja, started their journey together in 1985, when the original designers of the unique Black Bruin motors were all still around. Cordial relationships […]

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JPJ Forest’s customers can benefit from a wet year and Black Bruin accuracy

When it’s raining the forest industry is blooming. Maybe an oversimplification but very much true of the loggers and other entrepreneurs actively working in the fast growing Czech forests. The enthusiastic experts of JPJ Forest are determined to let their customers enjoy the Black Bruin advantage. Jiri, Pavel and Jan were schoolmates from age 9. […]

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Creating systems together: Niehues and Black Bruin

The times are tough, so the tough keep going. Black Bruin’s German distributor Niehues feel that the current market situation creates opportunities especially for smaller companies. Located in a small town called Senden near Münster in the north of Germany, about 80 km from the Netherlands, Th. Niehues GmbH is a family-owned company, run today […]

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Thirty years of hydraulics experience in Bulgaria further enhanced through cooperation with Black Bruin

Boris Zhelev of HYDRAVLON, Black Bruin’s new distributor in Bulgaria believes that “bear” resonates well with the Bulgarian mentality. Cooperation started just over four months ago, making HYDRAVLON of Varna, Bulgaria one of the newest Black Bruin dealers. HYDRAVLON is a family business with Sales & Supply Manager Boris Zhelev now in charge of operations. […]

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Demanding North American customers in focus for 40 years – NAHI and Black Bruin

North American Hydraulics has been Black Bruin’s trusted partner for practically 40 years. Amidst hurricanes and viruses, one thing has always been and will be vital for both: stay focused on the demanding customer. “Here in Louisiana we’re accustomed to it, it’s very typical. We’re in good shape.” Dwayne Persac, National Sales Manager of NAHI, […]

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